Τετάρτη, 1 Ιουνίου 2016

Kundalini Tantra Meditation Workshop Athens

Σάββατο 2 & Κυριακή 3 Ιουλιου 
10:00- 17:00
Open Space Studio 
Σκουζέ 5 Αθήνα

Introducing in Greece Spiritual Master Acharya Shree Shanka who will be running a unique two-day intensive workshop on Saturday and Sunday 2-3 July focusing on "Kundalini Tantra Meditation ".

Acharya Shree Shankar's nondual teachings have been compared to those of the early Zen masters and Advaita Vedanta Masters. Expressing both the infinite possibilities and the ordinary simplicity of a spiritually realized life, Acharya Shree Shankar's teachings are directed to those who are sincerely called to awaken to their true nature and embody this life-changing realization.

Tantra meditation techniques are designed to encourage and speed up the process of connecting the kundalini from top to bottom. Through the use of breath work, visualizations, mantras, music and sacred geometry the energy and effectiveness is amplified. It is also believed that performing group tantra meditation sessions increases the effectiveness, as everyone's energy works together as a reflection to unlock the kundalini for the whole group. By learning to connect, contain and harvest the energy of the kundalini through tantra meditation, you can access more personal power to apply in all areas of your lives. 

Master Acharya will hold a group discussion with participants at the end of each day's workshop. Each participant will receive a unique “Guru Mantra” which will help them in their spiritual development and Chakra balancing based on their energy level. They will also receive a “Certificate of Participation” which will be issued to everyone who successfully completes the two-day workshop. 
The workshop fees are at the exclusive price of 65 euros per person. 
P.S. In order to be register we need deposit of 35 euros. The account will send to you by mail. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to awaken your cosmic energy and raise your energy and vibration.

The program 
2 July 2016, Saturday
10h00 - 11h00 Tantra Pranayama Series & Surya Namaskara 11h00 - 11h30 Agni Meditation (This meditation is practiced to attain Spiritual Balance by cleaning Kriyamana Karma’s*)
11h30 - 12h30 Nada Yoga (Chanting of Vedic Siddhi Mantra's for bringing Inner Transformation & to acquire Healing Powers) 
12h30 - 14h00 Lunch Break 
14h00 - 15h00 Individual Agni Initiation (To strengthen the aura & ease the flow of energy in the Kundalini) 
15h00 - 16h00 Sambhavi Mudra Dhyana (Meditation for Kundalini Awakening) 
16h00 - 17h00 Satsang (Question & Answer session with the Master) 

3rd July 2016, Sunday
10h00 - 10h30 Kama Deva Invocation to awaken the Tantric Energy 
10h30 - 11h30 Discourse on various branches of Tantra. 
11h30 - 12h30 Yin-Yang Meditation (For Harmonising the Feminine and Masculine energies) 
12h30 - 14h00 Lunch Break 
14h00 - 15h30 Individual Initiation to Tantric Tradition (In this initiation everyone will receive a unique “Guru Mantra” which will help them in their spiritual development & Chakra balancing will be done based on their energy levels) 
15h30 - 16h30 Maha Meru Shree Yantra Meditation (Meditation using the Holy Maha Meru Shree Yantra) 
16h30 - 17h30 Satsang (Question & Answer session with the Master)
*Kriyamana Karma are the actions we perform in this life, in this moment. 

10-11:00 : Σειρά αναπνευστικών τεχνικών Tantra Pranayama και Χαιρετισμό στον Ήλιο
11-11:30 : Agni Meditation (διαλογισμός για την απόκτηση πνευματικής ισορροπίας με τον καθαρισμό του Κάρμα μας).
11:30-12:30: Nada Yoga (Ψαλμοί Βεδικών Μάντρας για εσωτερική μεταμόρφωση και απόκτηση θεραπευτικών δυνάμεων).
12:30-14:00: Μεσημεριανό φαγητό
14:00-15:00: ατομική μύηση για τόνωση της αύρας και την ελεύθερη ροή ενέργειας της Kundalini
15:00-16:00: Διαλογισμός Sambhavi Mudra Dhyana για ξύπνημα της Kundalini
16:00-17:00: Ερωτήσεις προς τον Δάσκαλο

10-10:30: Επίκληση Kama Deva για ξύπνημα της Ταντρικής ενέργειας 
10:30-11:30: ομιλία πάνω σε διάφορα είδη της Tantra
10:30-11:30: θηλυκές και αρσενικές ενέργειες
11:30-12:30: Yin Yang Διαλογισμός (για αρμονία της αρσενικής και της θηλυκής ενέργειας)
12:30-14:00 : Μεσημεριανό φαγητό
14:00-15:30: Ατομική μύηση στην Ταντρική παράδοση (σε αυτή τη μύηση ο καθένας θα λάβει ένα μοναδικό Guru Mantra το οποίο θα τον βοηθήσει στην πνευματική εξέλιξη και θα γίνει εξισορρόπηση των Τσάκρα του καθενός βασισμένη στα επίπεδα ενέργειας του κάθε ατόμου).
15:30-16:30: Διαλογισμός Maha Meru Shree Yantra
16:30-17:30: ερωτήσεις προς τον Δάσκαλο


Κόστος σεμιναρίου 65 ευρώ

Για την κράτηση θέσεων χρειάζεται κατάθεση προκαταβολής 35 ευρώ σε αριθμό λογαριασμού που θα σας δοθεί.